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I bought my beautiful schnauzer from rebecca who was very sweet her family, my puppy royce is 6 years old very healthy and happy i have no complaints best experience ever her home was very clean we got to see where she kept them and when it was too hot she let them got in the pool great Breeder who truly love animals and what she do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Schnauzersrus Schnauzer Dog.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Schnauzersrus are wonderful proplle

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This is Robert and Donna of Coral Springs Florida.

I came across this garbage slanderous complaint against them.

Absolute ***, Rebecca and Tom are great people.

I got my pup Rocco 5 years ago from her and have referred many people to them who adore these people.

Its just a fact that some people you can never make happy. Im sure Rebecca addressed this matter and still had problems with them. They sound nuts.

She takes pride in her puppies and her business.

Really, I hope that any other customers who have had the pleasure to deal with Rebecca and Tom will take their backs because these people sound like they are unstable.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Just an overall great experence.


Not resolved is a wonderful place to buy a puppy. That's why she gets top dollar for her puppies.

You get what you pay for. Marcimo the person who posted the complaint is a liar bc she changed her mind and wanted a different color dog after she saw a new litter. She didn't want the dog so Rebecca offered her her money back, not because of the lemon law because the dog did not have a congenital defect but because marcimo aka Marci harassed her until it wasn't worth it. That was marcimo decision to crop her ears and she has all her shots when she left.

Just because your vet ripped you off Marci, doesn't mean it's schnauzersrus fault. Schnauzersrus is do terrible that you tried to get another dog after she took back the other dog out of the goodness of her heart. Doesn't really make much sense. You have no right, it's been how long, a year?

Not to mention, another breeder helped you get money back. You are a liar. That dog was beautiful and you called at least once a week to visit the dog to make sure it wasn't to big. Then you saw the liver pups and wanted one of those but you can't exchange because you changed your mind.

Schnauzersrus has an excellent reputation. I should know. I have 2 dogs and I know many other people including neighbors and friends and random strangers.

Out of hundreds of digs in this clean puppy mill as you call it, I happen to know those dogs sleep with people and other dogs and are potty trained and well adjusted unlike a puppy mill dog would be. Stop with the slander.

Product or Service Mentioned: Schnauzersrus Dog.

In regards to the complaint against schnauzersrus

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You are absolutely nuts to make a complaint against schnauzersrus. I happen to know what happened and the liver shunt was a freak occurrence and you got all your money back and then tried to buy another dog from schnauzersrus.

I've seen the texts to prove it. You were happy that the dog had a liver shunt bc you changed your mind and wanted a different color dog. So if she was a "clean puppy mill" why would you want to buy another dog from schnauzersrus. I've seen all your crazy texts to my mom.

And we saved them so you may want to retract your nasty comment Marci. You wanted the smallest dog and she would have lived a great life. What she had isn't life threatening and you know it. in 10 years of breeding, this is the first and only dog to have a problem of any kind, major or minor, you owe her an apology and what does "you can hang you coat on her hip bone".

Schnauzersrus had nothing to do with this message.

I'm among hundreds of satisfied customers and slandering her after she put up with your insanity, schnauzersrus deserves a medal. Thanks, Jessica.

Product or Service Mentioned: Schnauzersrus Dog.


Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #1027326

I have a beautiful mini schnauzer. Romeo is a wonderful dog and Rebecca was very nice to deal with.I would not hesitate to recommend her to any one I know looking for a schnauzer. I would definitely be a return customer.

Beware of SchnauzersRus

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Original review posted by user Dec 23, 2012

i BOUGHT A PUPPY FROM REBECCA and this was the runt of the litter. Both parents were 20 pounds.

This little girl was tiny. I took her home a 8 1/2 weeks and she didn't gain much weight. Took her to the vet for a liver function test and sure enough she had something wrong. I fought my heart and soul to get my money back since FL has a pet lemon law.

Finally in payments I got it back. I had all her shots and her ears cropped. I ended up going to another breeder who helped me get this money back. To this day, SchnauzersRus are telling me nothing was wrong with this puppy.

You could hang your coat on her hip bones!!

Beware of this Breeder! A Clean Puppy Mill!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.


Omaha, Nebraska, United States #944191

i bought a puppy from paradise valley schnauzers that arrived sick and thin. i knew something was wrong she died from a liver shunt the breeder still denies puppy was ill when shipped but i have vet bills proving otherwise

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #937554

I have nothing but great things to say about Rebecca and her pups! We got 2 from her and they are magnificent!!!!

Puppies are not like clothes where you bring them home change your mind and take back. What kind of person would do that!!!

Perth, Western Australia, Australia #860471

Puppy Mill? Clean Puppy Mill?

That's a contradiction of terms! If it clean and puppies look well cared for; what is your problem?

Would you prefer to buy from a backyard breeder?

It's utter rubbish. Rebecca you do a great job raising your puppies.

Don't let imbeciles like this one demoralise you. Keep up the great work.


Ocala, Florida, United States #659568

This person who returned the pup to SchnauzersRUs seems to be a bitter person. We have two pups from Rebecca and Tommy, one of which is the sister to the dog she returned.

Her dog, Brandy, did indeed have a liver shunt problem which Rebecca confirmed at no small expense. This is the first pup she ever sold that had a problem, and one that is extremely remote. No doubt this was a painful experience for both parties. Rebecca and Tom raise their pups in their house.

The *** and sires are housed indoors in separate living quarters, no cages, they are treated like normal household pups. Each of their children is responsible for a pregnant female and these dogs are cared for like a family member. This is no puppy mill, it is a small breeding operation tantamount to a hobby farm with all the care and love that a pet could ever want. Please ignore this complaint, it is an extreme outlier for a terrific breeding operation.

We have recommended SchnauzersRUs to others and even our daughter bought a pup from a different litter during this timeframe. PS: When we bought Brandy's litter mate, Rebecca disclosed the liver problem with Brandy and offered her free to us. She couldn't stand the thought of Brandy not having a good home.

Don't know what happened to the pup, she acted perfectly happy and healthy at the time and Rebecca was trying to find a home for her. I wish now we had taken her along with her litter mate!

to ocalarose Ocala, Florida, United States #662821

A couple more observations about the complaint. We saw the pup after it was returned - happy, healthy appearing and full of energy.

It was NOT underweight.

BTW, the parents were not 20 pounders. The liver issue would likely have been a problem in the future which is why we didn't take her as a freebie when we bought her litter mate.

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